Instagram picture downloader


Instagram picture downloader
Instagram picture downloader


How to download a photo from Instagram

Hey everyone in this video. I wanted to show you how you could save a video from Instagram onto your camera roll you could do this on the iPhone or you could do this and the android the process is the same and you’ll use the same if it’s your first time here. How to download a photo from Instagram. I make easy to follow social media and tech videos five times a week so please consider subscribing to the very first thing we need is an app that’s gonna take this video and save it for us onto our phone so I’ve already chosen a video that I want to download this is the video here but I’m gonna download this app first before

Instagram picture downloader

Instagram picture downloader
Instagram picture downloader
I could download this video so let me just go. Ahead and jump into the app store here and I’m just gonna search for an app called repost now this works for both Android and phone and it’s called repost for Instagram go ahead and search for that and it should look like this it’s got this double arrow icon and I already deleted it so I could download it and do the process for you from scratch. Instagram picture downloader.let’s go ahead and download this app so that’s the very first step is downloading repost for Instagram

How to save Instagram videos

it’s really meant to repost photos and videos but he also lets you save those to your phone I’m gonna press open here so this is basically what the app looks like you open Instagram you press the three dots you copy the link and then you open this app again so we don’t have to do anything here I’m gonna jump back into Instagram here and this is the video that I was talking about it’s on the Explorer page so I’m gonna click it and the three dots on top click those and then you should see copy link. How to save Instagram videos. if you don’t see copy link most likely is from a private account and you can copy and save that video or repost it but most of the time

How to download videos from Instagram

You’ll see copy link I’m gonna press copy link here this works on the explore page you should have the three dots even on a photo you should have a copy link option again if you don’t see it for example here I won’t see it because this is a private account and it’s a private friend that I have but if it’s not private you should see those three dots and you should get a copy link so now that the link is copied jump back to the repost app so. How to download videos from Instagram.I’m gonna launch the repost app now that I’ve copied a link over it should show up like this on my repost app all, I would have to do is click that and it will open it just like
Save Instagram Photos

Learn how to save Instagram photos

  • First of all, you have URL of the image
  • After the URL Insert the URL into the box and click on the Download buttonSave Instagram Photos
  • That it will download automatically.
  • If not click long press on the image and save from That.
This and this will allow me to repost it to Instagram but I want to save this video and that would be the icon right on the top right press that and it says export to photos that’s what I want to do export to photos and just like that it’s gonna let me if I press ok here it’s gonna export it right to my camera roll so now that it’s been exported it’s telling me if I want to post it to Instagram so I could copy caption and open Instagram so. Save Instagram Photos. I press that it will just go ahead I’m gonna just press don’t show this again it’s gonna go ahead and copy the caption open Instagram and get it ready to be reposted on story or feet

How to download Instagram videos

So if I press feed, for example, you will just go ahead and post it like that but in this case, I’m not gonna want to repost it let me just show you what happens if I press next just like that I could actually hold down in the caption area and paste it the description has been carried over because I copied all the description from that post and if I press ok and share you will share it. How to download Instagram videos.I’m not gonna do that here, in this case, let I just go to my photo role here my recent downloads you could see that that video over here has been downloaded to my camera roll just like that so you could do this with photos and videos and easily download any photo or video you

How do you repost on Instagram

there you go I’m cam and I want to show you in under two minutes how to repost images and videos on Instagram with no third-party out or screenshot cropping download anyone’s video image on any device easily include credit to the original post all about watermarks and it’s free so let’s get started open up Instagram and find a photo or video that you want to download or repost here I’m going to use twelve pastor bars delicious League soup. How do you repost on InstagramI’ve actually had it it is delicious trust me top right-hand corner find the three vertical dots and then select copy share URL to go to the messenger and just like you do your message a friend you can message a chatbot and find the chatbot.

instagram profile pic download

instagram profile download
Instagram profile download
I will search for it and here is repost but you can also follow the link below to find the bot next I pasted the Instagram URL and repost bot goes off and pulls me back the hashtag and a credit to 12 passes the bar as well as a download link so I can download that image or video to my the local device optionally I’m going to take a copy of the hashtag and credit and then Instagram profile pic download. I’ll download that image go back to Instagram and click on the little camera photo just click Next Cruz pass some of those filters and then I paste in and as you can see I’ve given credit to 12 passes the bar just clean up the message a little here you can add your own and then click Share it’s as easy as that and that’s the demo

instagram pic download

today I want to talk to you about reposting on Instagram unlike Facebook and Twitter Instagram does not get allow us to repost content directly luckily there are ways around this here are two methods that you can use to repost content on Instagram all right first things first the screenshot the screenshot is one of the most frequently and commonly used ways to repost content on Instagram if you are an Android user
what you can do is to press the power button and the down volume button at the same time to capture the image once you capture the image it will say see your gallery and you’ll be able to retrieve Instagram pic download. It from Instagram and so what you’ll do is to click on the post then you are able to adjust the image how you want students to make it fit the screen so your liking and then click mix now it’s really important that you realize that you do have filters but I definitely recommend to keep the original filter and keep it as much of the original as possible

Repost videos on Instagram

Learn How to repost video on Instagram

First Thing. If you have Video of user.which you want to upload on Instagram/Instagram stories.So, you can upload anywhere like on snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook and on other social platforms.

  • So Simply copy the URL of video / Image and paste into the box and download the video/image
  • Then you can upload anywhere. That is so simple and the coolest method is write


Because you don’t want to dilute the image next you can write a caption so this is the great part so here when you write a caption, of course, you can add your own blurb or say anything that you think is relevant to the picture but it’s really important that you credit the original author you always want to make sure that you’re letting people know where the original repost videos on Instagram. The image came from and also give that person credit for visibility and it’s also a great relationship building method but once you do that you can say they follow I see these on Instagram so that’s my quick message I put it in and then I shared it with my followers so now they’re able to see a screenshot of what

save Instagram pictures

I’ve posted now there is a separate the way that you can use and this one is actually a really cool tool so if you go to your App Store you can find something called the repost app so either you go to your App Store or an apple or you can go to the Google Play Store they are available in both and essentially you’ll go to the App Store and download a cog repost is really cool because it allows you to directly repost without having to use a screenshot so essentially what we’re going to do is go back to Instagram we’re going to find a post that we really really like so I’m going to go here and save Instagram pictures I’m going to look at where we go but here’s a post from options just ahead so if you click the three dots and this is applicable for both Android and iPhone click the three dots and click copy share URL so this will allow you to directly copy this image and the text so when you copy the share URL it will tell you that the post shareable link has been copied to the clipboard now if you notice at the top three posts has notified me that a share URL has been added so I’m going to go ahead and click on that and it will open the repost sand you’ll

instagram photo downloader

Here on site, we helping you for download Instagram photo downloader

  • Nothing Like rocket science
  • You have just URL of the Instagram photo
  • Which you want to download online
See that the most recent things that I used is at the top in new and at the bottom you can see things that you have previously reposted in the past so click on the first one underneath and then as I said before you want to give people attribution the cool the thing about repost is that it actually is that it actually allows you to position where you want to give that person credit so I’m going to give credit in the bottom left-hand corner so we can keep the same on the side and then I’ll click repost now it’s going to ask is the actual type caption’ that .instagram photo downloader. I want to confirm so yes I’m going to go ahead and open Instagram and then an Instagram it’ll take me directly to the screen and it’s going to Apple I’m going to crop the photo I think it’s pretty perfect so I’m not going to crop it do

save Instagram videos

Save Instagram video online. Step by step

  • So Have a URL for Instagram of specifying URL from those video /image
  • Which one you want.
  • Just paste into the download section
  • Click on download Instagram video
  • Then it will Save Instagram video automatic
I want to add a filter no I’m going to keep it the same then go to next and here is the best part if you want to repost what the person said verbatim you actually can taste it you can paste the caption and literally you’ll see every single thing that the person has talked about including the hashtags now if you wanted to add your own antidote at the beginning you most certainly can you can say something like great post from  and then you’ll be able to see their posts below so you’ll click Share and once you do that the post is on Instagram so now you have reposted every day so all in all make sure that you understand that sharing content is very important and how you share it is very important. save Instagram videos. I definitely recommend the repost app over screen sharing but if whatever reason you don’t have enough memory or if you’re not able to access the app screenshotting the actual photo is the quickest and easiest way to do so but remember that when you reshare things it definitely helps you build visibility it also builds a rapport with the other person because they see that you’re seeing their content and if you’re able
Instagram video downloader
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Instagram video downloader
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